Thursday, November 20, 2014

Closing Statement

I think that my synthesis paper about college graduates in the working world reflected my purpose statement and design plan well. I used my design plan as a guide on how to write my paper. I think that I expressed my argument well and I did well to convince my audience. I used the exact medium and arrangement that I stated in my design plan to make my paper look very proper and professional. I think that I got my point across and I made a strong point about how students should be cautioned about their future. I feel that I should have had a stronger contrast to my argument so I could have as a much stronger point. I will make sure to write a full contrast paragraph in my next synthesis paper so make my argument strong and seem like the most logical choice. I think my synthesis of each source was very descriptive and very “spelled out” to my audience so they do not need to think when they read. I also think I did address my audience well and helped them understand that they should be concerned about the topic. Other than the lack of rebuttal, I think that my paper reflected my design plan and I used my sources well to support my argument.

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