Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I care about.

For my topic of my research paper I have decided to talk about Bacteriophage therapy. I learned this concept in my microbiology class and I was interested to why it is not used for treatments. Bacteriophage (Phage) Therapy is using a virus that attacks only bacteria to be used a new antibiotics. Medical professionals do not use this therapy in the US. Although other countries have worked on testing the alternative treatment, phage therapy is still not being used for bacterial infections. Because of the oher use of antibiotics, more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to the medications used. Without the antibiotics, people will nto be able to get better.

The topic matters to everyone! Anyone can get a bacterial infection if it is a urinary tract infection or impedigo, bacterial infections are common. With antibiotics becoming resistant to many microbes, people are unable to be treated and could die. My topic dicusses the alternative treatment of bacterial infections and how it could be the solution to the resistance we have today. If there is a new treatment that could help people should know about it. Having phage therapy to treat resistant strains of an infection could save lives! This is why people need to know about my topic for the health of their friends and family.

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