Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Synthesis Design Plan and Purpose Statement (Draft)

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of my synthesis paper is to analyze a group of authors talking about the future and the workplace and how it will change the dynamics of work and hiring. I was assigned this paper and I plan on picking a position on what changes should be made and how it will effect college graduates. I hope that my audience will understand that the topics I stress will affect their lives too. I hope that my audience feels concerned for the future and will prepare for what is ahead. Although this topic was assigned to me, I feel that learning about what to expect for the future will really benefit me when I start searching for a job. I hope that my paper will help my audience feel prepared for the future too. the best possible outcome for my paper would be that my audience would truly understand my argument and the different views that I express in my sources. The worst possible outcome would be that people do not understand where I am going with my paper and feel that it is disorganized. In this case, I plan on making my paper very well structured and clear to my audiences. I think that in any situation my paper would be very well communicated because it is an academic paper and it is an easy read.

My audience will be college students who are either picking their majors or near graduating who are preparing for their future jobs. They should be willing to consider my idea and need to be open-minded about what the future entails for them. Maybe my audience will read my paper in  a class or outside of class. I would hope they would be in a position to think about their own future when reading my paper. They need to understand that they will also be effected in the changes coming up in the next couple years. My audience should also be willing to act on their concerns to change their future if they feel it may be headed in the wrong direction from the change.

The time of communication should be around the time classes are in session or shortly after school. Because my paper is academic, I need my audience in the right frame of mind to fully understand my paper. Just leaving class or being in class helps my audience have their mind open to new knowledge and ideas. The place of communication should be outside of a classroom or in a classroom to have the right setting.

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